Parents concerns about children & physical activity

A recent survey by ComRes asked parents some questions about children and physical activity.

The survey took place at the beginning of March 2016 and involved over 1,000 parents

The results showed that 80% of parents agreed that their family’s quality of life would be improved by doing more physical activity. So what is stopping these families from carrying this out?

children and physical activity


Well, a staggering 87% agreed that increased use of technology such as tablets & smartphones by children had contributed to a decrease in the amount of exercise that they do. 76% agreed that such technology made it more difficult for families to be physically active together. (That figure rises to 88% if you just look at responses from women.)

Around half of parents (54%) agree that parents are provided with enough information by the UK government on the health risks to children and teenagers of excessive sedentary time.

Active Parents

We’ve all experienced a kid who uses a tablet or phone to play games not wanting to put it down. Equally, a child may reach for a tablet rather than going outside and playing with their friends, or being taken to the park.

Do you agree with that gadgets make it trickier to get your kids involved in being physically active?

Were you a more active child than the current generation?


  1. Stats like this bother me greatly. We live in the countryside and go out every single day come rain or shine! Toby’s currently got cartoons on, but they’re background noise whilst he plays on his guitar and bongo. Later, we’re heading out to our local reservoir for a walk and to visit a little bug and reptile zoo. This, all assuming I don’t go into labour! There are no excuses for not getting physical activity in some form or another.

  2. I think there needs to be a balance. I’d love the kids to do a bit more physical play but also their creative sides blossom when using technology. I think parents are the key. I could say it’s technologies fault the kids aren’t as active, or is it in fact my fault for allowing this. The problem is a lot of parents won’t care what their children are doing as long as they’re quiet !!

  3. 2 April 2016

    so my kids all love technology but I am strict in the fact they get to play for so long but we also have a 12ft trampoline they love so its a bit of both

  4. 2 April 2016

    I totally agree that a balance has to be drawn when it comes to gadgets and activities. As my wife and I both have our own laptops, our little one does ask to use or sneaks off with the wife’s laptop more often than I would like. Roll on Summer, as she likes to play out and ride her bike. So, I am looking forward to that.

    My daughter does not know my iPad password, so I do control the amount of time she spends on the iPad. The only iPad in the house thank goodness.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John M

  5. 3 April 2016

    in my house my teens definitely need to get off their bottoms and out in the real world rather than the online world of gaming.

  6. 3 April 2016

    I think there definitely needs to be more of a balance. I hope that Lucas likes to do exercise and get out in the fresh air. I think as parents we need to kead by example aswel x

  7. 4 April 2016

    My kids love to be outside they also love Tv and the ipad at the moment but are only almost 4 and 17 months, unfortunately we have a yard with no grass so do the best we can to balance, which is much easier when the sun is out 🙂

  8. 6 April 2016

    I think it all depends on your personal circumstances. We have strict rules about screentime and trade an hour of screentime for an hour outside. The kids may moan when we drag them outside but they have a blast when we are there

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