Bar Soba, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow

Bar Soba is a small chain of Pan Asian Street Food bar / restaurants, mostly based around Glasgow although there are units in Edinburgh and Leeds. This review follows a visit to the Mitchell Lane, Glasgow restaurant.


There are pre-theatre, set lunch and a la carte menus with a good sized menu catering for all diets. The cocktail / drink menu is also pretty large.

My first visit to Bar Soba was just over two months ago. At that visit, I had a Sticky Thai BBQ rib starter. They were, without exception, the greatest tasting ribs I have had in my life.

I was therefore excited to return to Bar Soba to get a further portion of this heavenly delight. They were, however, no longer on the menu. I asked why they had been removed and, apart from an explanation that they had shaken up the menu a couple of months ago, there was no apparent reason. This struck me as utter madness. It was the star of the menu, without a doubt. Removing them was comparable to going to see Wales play just to find out that Gareth Bale had been dropped. The star of the show would not be appearing.

barsoba3We had the Thai Fish and Chips, the Surf’n’Turf combo and the Veg Jungle Curry as mains.

The fish was thick and tasty enough, but the batter was somewhat excessive. The steak in the Surf’n’Turf was slightly overdone (we ordered medium rare but it was overcooked). Disappointingly, it was served with a thin sauce which seemed to be mostly very salty soy sauce. The entire dish was a salt overload. The Vegetable Jungle Curry promised much in its description but it ended up being spicy without much in the way of seasoning.

For dessert, we sampled the cocktail menu, quite vigorously. This was much better. The bar stocked a good variety of drink, a great cocktail menu and a large selection of beers.

The service was good and we weren’t kept waiting too long for our food or a table. There are some top DJs throughout the week (Glasgow legends Mash and Harri amongst others).

Bearing in mind that the first thing I ever tasted in Bar Soba were the incredible ribs, everything since then has failed to meet those high standards. I would, however, recommend Bar Soba if you’re looking for somewhere friendly to have drinks and maybe having a Thai themed side or starter to munch on.


Photos from Bar Soba website.

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