Reddit : A Dad’s Guide

Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the internet”, which is a pretty accurate description.

In broad terms, it’s a collection of links submitted by users (redditors). Each link is posted in a particular topic-related area (subreddit). Redditors get to vote and comment on each link. Links with lots of up-votes make it to the top. That’s basically it.

The front page of Reddit may lead you to believe that it’s mostly a collection of memes which is fair enough. There is a lot more to the site, though, if you do a little digging. Here, then, is


The most popular subreddits.

If you see /r/ before something, that means that what follows is the subreddit. A subreddit is a part of the site that is dedicated to a particular topic.

The front page of Reddit shows you the most popular topics right now. These will mostly be from the most popular subreddits, like /r/Funny, /r/Pics, /r/ExplainLikeImFive (where people ask for simple explanations to complicated topics), /r/Science and so on.

RedditOne of my favourites from the most popular include /r/IAMA, where people are invited to ask anything of a particular person. Examples of people who have undertaken ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&As are Barack Obama, Sir David Attenborough, Peter Dinklage, someone who spent 18 years in jail for a murder he didn’t commit and Chris Hadfield, astronaut, as he was orbiting earth.

/r/AskReddit is simply where people ask questions and other redditors answer. This could range from ‘What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?‘ to ‘What’s your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less?‘, or ‘Whats a fun hobby you can get into under $50?‘ to ‘If every statue in the world came to life at the same time, which area would be in the most trouble?‘.

Useful subreddits for Dads

I believe my favourite subreddit is /r/DIY. It’s a fantastic collection of projects that people have been working on, from jewellry boxes to homemade lamps to cars to entire houses. Projects are usually documented through a series of photos which makes for an interesting read. It’s tremendous if you’re looking for motivation or inspiration. /r/HomeImprovement is similar but obviously concentrates more on issues with the house.

For parenting issues, Dads share useful info at /r/dads. There’s also /r/parenting, for “anything related to the controlled chaos we call parenting”.

RedditIf, like me, you’re on the lookout for help in getting rid of that dad belly, there’s some useful hints at /r/fitness (although that’s more for folk who are already somewhat fit) and /r/loseit for those looking to lose weight.

Dads with a fashion sense (not me then) have /r/malefashionadvice (“Clothes make the man”). More suited to me is /r/beards which offers facial hair tips and sometimes just people posting their beard pictures.

/r/Technology will help satisfy your geek needs, as will /r/Gadgets.

For those interested in life hacks, the consistently brilliant and useful /r/LikeProTips will keep you genuinely inspired with ways to make those little challenges in life easier to handle.

Finally, /r/DadJokes because, you know, you’re a Dad. You need to keep stocked up on bad jokes because you never know when you’ll need them.



  1. Fi Ni Neachtain
    28 April 2016

    I used to use Reddit to promote a few posts but then everything seemed to become restrictive with sharing content. I do love having a read of the subreddits though.

  2. 28 April 2016

    I have Reddit profile too, but I must admit I hardly use it. Thanks for reminding me. I need to use it more now 🙂

  3. 28 April 2016

    I loked Reddit at first but it became really restricted so now I don’t tend to share anything. I just read it. Great explanation though.

  4. 28 April 2016

    I love the DIY and HomeImprovements too. I must admit I don’t use REDDIT as much as Pinterest but there’s much more humour or ‘out there’ ideas which I like. This post made me realise how little I know and ure Reddit so will make sure to start using it regularly from now on 🙂

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  5. 28 April 2016

    Thank you for a great post, I have never really visited reddit until now! Great thoughts!

  6. 28 April 2016

    I must have been living under a rock but I have never heard of Reddit!! I’m going to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

  7. I love Reddit! It did take me a while to figure it out, but once you understand how it works, it’s so addictive!

  8. 29 April 2016

    I have never used reddit! I am always late with using thing like this! sounds interesting!

  9. 29 April 2016

    I have heard of reddit but never used it, I am not sure I can manage another platform

  10. I have never even used reddit before, It sounds interesting but I don’t think I have the time to suss it out as I struggle keeping up with just 4 social media accounts I have.

  11. 30 April 2016

    I have a Reddit profile and I have to be honest, I don’t use it as well as I should do.

  12. 30 April 2016

    I’ve never looked at reddit before, will have to have a gander x

  13. 30 April 2016

    I tried using Reddit before but we did not get on lol :p I know that it is useful for many people I know though and glad you like it!

  14. 3 May 2016

    I’ve heard about Reddit, but never actually used it. Also heard that it can get quite mean 🙁 Good to read something positive about it.

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