Working With Looking for the Postman

Looking for the Postman is PR friendly. The site has historically worked with interesting brands to produce feature blog posts written from a humorous, honest and male point of view! See below for a full list of previous partners and links to the features we made.

I’m a father, husband, amateur chef, musician, comper and tech geek. My history is as a music producer who has worked with partners as diverse as MTV, Electronic Arts, Activision, New Line Cinema, T in the Park and The Charlatans.

The opinions expressed within this site are my own. I’d be happy to review products if they fit in with the site. They will be tested and reviewed after use by myself and, if appropriate, my family as well. They will also be classed as ‘reviews’ on the site.

If you’re happy to work with Looking for the Postman through the website (plus Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), then it would be lovely to hear from you!

Brands featured on Looking for the Postman


Degustabox HelloFresh worked-marley worked-mindfulchef worked-simplycook


worked-ancnoc worked-arbikie worked-badger worked-fyne worked-honest worked-oldpult worked-purescot worked-saltaire worked-taste worked-theglenrothes worked-tipplebox worked-virginwines


worked-drummond worked-izabela worked-lapland worked-miniweekend worked-nintendo worked-personc worked-pop worked-randomise worked-taffy


worked-allotinabox worked-bloomwild worked-snapfish


worked-jacamo worked-tostadora


worked-historicscotland worked-sealife