I have a great deal of respect for bloggers. Specifically, the community of parent bloggers.

There are an intertwined collective of mum and dad bloggers who weave an interesting web of dialogue on twitter, which I have been dipping my toe in to. They’re lovely and interesting. Welcoming and interactive too, actually.

I therefore metaphorically raised an eyebrow when respected and rather good DIY Daddy blogger Nigel Higgins (@NigeHiggins4) wrote about it being a lost time for bloggers in terms of support.

Nigel expanded:

Blogging, I have always thought, was a community we were all proud to be a part of. To support and help each other, but 2017 seemed to change where it was the norm to jump on people if they made a mistake or wrote something that was considered controversial. (Full post here).

Now, with the exception of something that happened that was tweeted about on Christmas Day with a particular male blogger (and I’m reluctant to go there), I’d felt that the other bloggers were rather nice. Certainly within the twitterverse. But then I thought about it some more.

I retweet, and respond, but the penny is dropping that that isn’t really enough. While tweeting is another way to get yourself across and address issues, it isn’t blogging. So in engaging on twitter, I wasn’t doing a damn thing to help my fellow bloggers’ blogs. Our main courses are our blogs. Twitter is the side dish. The amuse bouche. A taster dish on the deli counter at Tesco. You understand what I mean.

I want to support other bloggers, but more than that, I want to support their blogs. It takes so little effort and means so much. Finding a naturally occurring comment on a blog post is such a lovely thing to find. There are groups where bloggers comment on each other’s posts, but that isn’t anywhere near as pleasing as one happening just because somebody liked my writing.


And there’s selfish reasons for doing it too. Exposing myself (!) to other blogs and other people’s writing can only improve my output too. I may even become more interesting, but one step at a time, eh?

So, Nige, yeah. I like how it feels when people read my blog, so I’m responding to your call and making the effort to spread the joy and be an all-round supportive member of the parent blogging community. Group hug!