In another universe, I am a millionaire.

Maybe I earned the money, or maybe I won a lottery bet, but, for the purposes of this blog post, I am utterly minted. For the other-Universe Grant, here is my 2018 Christmas Wish List…

A Scottish Castle & Estate

Billionaire Christmas

Technically not a castle but still a stunning property, the Tower of Lethendy lies 14 miles north of the county town of Perth in an exceptionally private position surrounded by beautiful and enchanting Perthshire countryside, with the Grampian Mountains to the north providing a dramatic backdrop.

To quote the property listing:

The estate extends in total to about 39 acres with two private drives, leading to the principal house, each protected by a gate lodge and lined by majestic Douglas firs and limes. The grounds are delightful, with formal gardens, both grass and hard tennis courts, a heated outdoor swimming pool, and magnificent mature specimen trees. The parkland is laid out as a golf course with six greens and eight tees making up 18 different holes. The original par 3 golf course has been enhanced by drainage works and modified by the addition of further tees and bunkers and the upgrading of the greens. The course is maintained by a full time green keeper.

For the country air and wonderful views, this would be a must-buy if the bank balance allowed it!

Price: Offers Over £4,600,000

Build a Music Studio

Billionaire Christmas

Not the sort of music studio where a band would go to record, but somewhere a composer could bring his ideas to life. Something like this amazing photo of Hans Zimmer’s place. The money just drips out of this picture, but the end result would be music of a crystal clear quality. You couldn’t help but be inspired by the stunning surroundings.

Price : Unknown

Suits That I Could Only Dream Of

Billionaire Christmas

A Kilgour Suit, like Cary Grant’s in North by Northwest. A grey and white glen check, tropical-weight three-piece suit made by Anthony Sinclair, worn by Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger.

I’d be a dapper billionaire, in grey-suited smartness. Don’t get me wrong, I’d lounge about in jeans too, but when it came to scrubbing up, I’d be looking mighty fine.

Price : Anything up to $50,000….

The Worlds Biggest Scalextric Set

Designed by Martin Brundle and apparently selling for an undisclosed fee, this schoolboy dream would be mine if those billions were in my account. Read more about it here.

Price : Undisclosed

A Lighthouse

Yes, a lighthouse. I’d actually really like to be at the top of a lighthouse during a storm. I reckon it would be an amazing experience.

And where would you buy it from? Well, there’s genuinely a website called If I’d been a bit quicker, then I could have bought this one for £275,000.

Price : £275,000

3 Person Submarine

The Triton 3300/3 Mk II to be precise. It can take a pilot and two passengers to depths of 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) in perfect comfort and safety. It was a Triton 3300/3 that allowed man’s first ever encounter with the giant squid underwater. Fancy.

At a little under $3,000,000, any potential owner is contractually obligated to fully and satisfactorily complete a training program prior to receiving delivery of their Triton. Delivery also takes 10 – 12 months. Certainly makes for a different seaside experience than a lilo.

Price : $2,990,000

Badedas Bath Gel

Billionaire Christmas

This bath gel is incredible. It harnesses at power of horse chestnuts to fill the house with the smell of ‘forest’ whenever it’s used. In bottles of 300ml and 750ml, or in a shower gel form, it’s the best-smelling man bath product ever. Unfortunately, at around £11 a bottle, I’d need to wait til the riches flow in before this can be my normal bath gel!

Price : Expensive

If you fancy a small flutter, Lottoland is gateway to lots of rather impressive jackpots. Who knows? Maybe you could be playing scalextric in a lighthouse too!

What would be on your Millionaire Christmas Wish List?

This post was written in collaboration with Lottoland.