Dad With A #Dadbelly to Lose? Join the Club

I’m a dad and I’m not as fit as I want to be. I know a lot of other dads feel the same way.

Going to the gym doesn’t seem like something that will fit in with my life. I’ve got a family with young kids, and I don’t seem to have the time, energy or finances to shell out on gym visits.

I do what I can in my lunch break, and it does help, but I need more if I’m going to shift this chunky belly which I’ve acquired. (This is what the Red Checked Shirt diet thing is all about).

I was discussing my desire to get fitter with a colleague at my work. She goes to the gym, but not to use exercise equipment. She’s a member of a few different classes, doing powerpumps or stepswivels or something – it doesn’t matter what it’s called. The classes are full of people who help each other out with motivation. If one is thinking of skipping a class, or seems a bit disheartened, then the community aspect of the class kicks in, and there’s a wave of encouragement, positive reinforcement and support.

This seemed like a really positive thing. It was something that I felt that I could do with. It’s something I wouldn’t really get if I was exercising by myself. At least, not to that degree.

Then the old brain started to tick, If I feel this way, then I’m sure that there are plenty of other dads in the same boat. Dads with a #dadbelly that they want to get rid of that are struggling to get the motivation to begin, or continue their efforts. Dads who maybe don’t know where to begin, or don’t have anyone to discuss their progress with.

A discussion with some like-minded dads on Twitter verified that such feelings were held out there. So, I shared An Awesome Idea.

An Awesome Idea

It’s simple, really. Us like-minded dads will set a time during the week when we will all do a workout from the same YouTube video. Prior to the video, we’ll have discussions, probably on Twitter, about how our fitness levels are getting on, things we’ve done that didn’t work out, and swap tips on things that we have found to help. Then, at an agreed time, we’ll all start the workout, each in our own homes, and give it our best.

Dad Belly Team

There’ll be a post-workout discussion on Twitter, posting photos of blisters and detailing how we got on. We can track progress and, importantly, encourage each other to keep on keeping on.

You don’t have to do what I did, and post your belly photo on Twitter, but I think that sharing progress and setting targets will help immensely with motivation and ULTIMATE SUCCESS.

If you’re a dad who is interested in joining in, then get in touch. You can be as vocal or as quiet about your involvement as you like. It’ll all be FREE. I’ll be getting in touch with various health and fitness professionals for pointers, which will be shared with the group.

You can either DM me on Twitter or send me a message via my contact page. This is only a headcount at the moment – you’re not committing yourself to anything. Apart from potentially getting the body of your dreams. 

Donut Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash. Laptop Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash. Tape Measure Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash.


  1. 20 January 2018

    Great idea. Peer groups can really boost each other up. I look forward to seeing how it all goes!

  2. That sounds like such a good idea, although I actually really find “dadbods” endearing! Haha! Kudos and good luck!

  3. 21 January 2018

    I’m not a dad so I don’t qualify – but it sounds a great idea to rope in some friends and motivate each other. I used to go to the gym but realised once children arrived that there wasn’t going to be time anymore! My best tip is to walk as much as possible. That’s really helped me!

  4. 22 January 2018

    That is a good idea. The thought of joining a gym and doing a class brings me out in a cold sweat

  5. This sounds great. Good luck with the fitness plan.

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