Dementia is a cruel disease. Current estimates are that there’s around 800,000 people in the UK living with dementia. With an ageing population, it’s a figure that will inevitably increase.

If you’re around my age (40s), then health issues for ageing parents is something that does prey on the mind.You question things like will my parents be able to care of themselves? Will they be safe? What happens if their memory begins to go?

It’s said that dementia hits friend and family extremely hard. It’s difficult to maintain a relationship with those who are dealing with the disease.

It’s good to know that, if the worst happens, there are resources available to help those who’s families are affected by dementia. Both the Department of Health and Alzheimers UK has suggested that people living with dementia can benefit from an activities based approach. Being creative, solving puzzles and playing games are all promoted as positive activities.

Active MindsActive Minds

Active Minds are a company who offer such products to assist those dealing with dementia. Their range of games are tailored for dementia. Activities such as games, puzzles and art activities are all offered by Active Minds.

As they put it, “games and group activities provide a great sense of interaction, connection and community for people living with dementia”.

They also carry out studies to continually measure how their products are helping those with dementia and publish the results. In 2015, Active Minds sold 14,735 products. Of this, 84% were sold to the healthcare industry which include NHS and Care homes, and 16% to the friends and family of people living with dementia and cared for at home. From those questioned in their 2015 study:

  • 96% of carers felt products helped to reduce boredom and frustration.
  • 96% of carers felt product helped to evidence person centered care.
  • 63% of families felt the products helped to reduce the stress of caring for someone with dementia.
  • 51,300 people have seen an improvement in their quality of life so far.

Active Minds

If you do have loved ones who are affected by these issues, have a look and see if Active Minds can help.

Disclosure : This blog post was sponsored by Active Minds.