It’s odd, coming back from holiday. We had a week away and returned on Saturday and each of us had slightly different responses to being back.

The initial relief is when I turn the corner into my street and see that the house is, in fact, still there. No natural disaster / fire / flood / Godzilla attack has destroyed my abode. This is a good thing. Plus, it’s signifying the end of the journey too.

We had a two hour car journey with four kids in the car. The elder two pretty much kept themselves to themselves, but the younger ones were pretty high maintenance throughout. Sometimes, a two hour journey feels like it takes a good 36 hours to complete.

But we’re home, and the home is still there and in one piece.

Cat Feeder

Post Holiday GloomSo now there is the anxiety about the cat. I have sweats worrying about the cat feeding breaking down and returning to find an angry and starving cat. Luckily, she was fine. In fact, she appeared to have put on a fair bit of weight. She wasn’t happy though. She yelled at us for a good while, angry that we went on holiday without her. The irony of this worry is that the cat doesn’t even like me.

Then there’s the weirdness of having to deal with adjusting to being back in your own house. It’s weird to feel weird at being back home. This is where you live, but you have to readjust to it.

Practically, there’s the laundry too. Suitcases full of dirty clothes ensure that the post-holiday comedown arrives with a vengeance. Domestically, you also have to sift through mail, get the shopping sorted and all at a time when you’re likely shattered from the journey home. And they say that holidays are relaxing.

Post holiday gloom

Plus there’s the plain fact that you’re not on holiday any more. Post holiday gloom. It’s done and dusted and you’re back to ‘normality’, whatever that is. You swiftly shift into holiday time when you’re away. Nights become later, lie-ins become the norm. You’re running at your own pace and generally having an awesome time. Then it’s over.

We haven’t even covered the return to work yet. The struggle of the first morning back is something I had to deal with today. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. It’s of course traditional that you go in later on your first day back, and leave early too. It’s just the done thing. It’s acceptable because we all know the feeling, and we know how much it sucks.

And then you return to routine and it feels like you’ve never been away. Sigh. Next holiday begins at the end of June. Can’t wait.