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Paellas are incredible. Dad Recipe paellas even moreso. You can’t not like a paella. It’s impossible. To me, the paella doesn’t need to have rules. It doesn’t need to have seafood in it. You can through anything* you have to hand in it, and it’s still a paella. The bare bones of Dad Recipe paella …

Recipes for people who don’t really know how to cook.

Checking out the latest from the beer subscription service.

Honey and Beer have a long history together, back to the times of Ancient Egyptian. Mead, a beer-type drink made with honey, has strong British roots too. Why not? Honey is fermentable and we like to drive booze. It’s also very tasty. You don’t get much in the way of mead nowadays, but that doesn’t …

Going from being beer drinkers to running our own brewery

A visit to Indian tapas-style restaurant Chaakoo in Glasgow

Beer’n’meat. For some, an ideal Valentine’s Day combo!