I love cooking. I’m alright at it. My wife, Emma, is an incredible chef, but I’m more of a wannabe.

lftpaellabeer2Like most wannabes, I have flashes of culinary competence whereby something doesn’t come out completely burnt or too greasy. Just enough to keep me interested. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

I want to get better, and I think the way in which I can do this is to document my attempts, step by step, and to even share experiences and recipes on the blog. These will be classed as ‘Dad Recipes’ but clearly available for all.

Dad Recipes will be tasty, healthy, relatively easy to make (foolproof?) and easily adaptable. They’ll be suitable for kids and easy to change to suit vegetarians. Another prerequisite of a Dad Recipe will be that it must be prepared with either a beer or wine to hand.

Also, Dad Recipes will not adhere to any previously accepted cooking or culinary rules. I have no doubt that you will read things in these recipes which other places will tell you not to do. Those other places will be right and I will be wrong. I’ll be documenting what I do in order to make a tasty meal. If there is an accepted precedent which I am not aware of, then please highlight my errors to me.

So, in short, it’s a cooking guide by someone who is still learning how to be a good cook. Dad Recipes. What could possibly go wrong?