Eve Online – The Best Computer Game Ever?

It’s not easy to describe Eve Online. I’ll attempt it, sure. Perhaps a good starting point is to tell you that it’s the most immersive, interesting and thrilling (yup, thrilling) game I’ve ever played. Ever.

Here’s the overview. You play a character in an online universe. This universe consists of both other player’s characters and characters controlled by the game (known as NPCs). You can fly spaceships, shoot at other ships, take missions, fly with gangs, build stuff, discover things etc.

Eve Online

As a new player, you’re limited buy what you’re able to use. The way you get to use cooler stuff is to learn skills, which are learned in real time. Having said that, you start off with sufficient skills to fly a ship and shoot at things, so you aren’t going to be sitting around for ages before the fun kicks in.

New players get an agent to talk them through the user interface, basic commands and game mechanics. There are thousands of web pages and resources that will answer any question you may have, plus a player run help chat channel for any queries.


An interesting aspect of the game is the content that is derived directly from the actions of other players. For example, there is a market hub where prices are dictated by supply & demand. It’s a real, working economy. There are thousands of player run corporations containing like-minded individuals and even, sometimes, spies.

The wonderful thing about the game is that you can take it in any direction that you want. Want to just play on your own and run missions? Not a problem. Want to join with other people and fight against NPCs? Easy – you can join a corp that does exactly that and learn / fly with like minded people. Want to work your way up and take over the Universe? Well, never say never. You can play it as often or as little as you like.

For me, the greatest buzz is PVP. This means player v player and refers to a ship fight between two or more players. The winner will come down to who has fitted their ship the best, who has the most firepower, who uses the right tactics, the best skills and who can remain calm. An engagement may be planned. You may be hanging around or actively looking for a fight, or you could be ambushed. As sad as it may sound, it’s quite a thrill.

Another interesting factor is that you can pay for your game time using in-game currency. So, if you earn money in game (via missions / trading / fighting for a faction etc), you can use that to pay for your monthly subscription. You play to pay for further play. I’ve never seen that in a game before.

To start, register for FREE and download the software. You then get a 21 day trial period. If you like it, you can extend it.


  1. 11 August 2016

    You could play this game for years before you really started to feel like you might have seen everything it had to offer. If you can just get past the rough beginning, the difficulty, and the steep learning curve, Eve Online is the biggest game you could possibly hope to play.

  2. 15 May 2017

    I don’t play this game before. Honestly i here this first time. You give a details review. I can understand it now. I am feeling upset to think why not i play this before. Thanks for sharing this with great review.

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