Drumond Park’s Gross Magic (rrp £19.99) encompasses two activities which capture the imagination of kids of a certain age – magic and making adults disgusted. It has been around a while but has adapted to maintain its popularity. I was sent the latest version of Gross Magic to review, and I had two volunteers eager to give it a bash.

The box accurately depicts what the set is about. It is covered in pictures of bugs, bogeys and toilets. This was sufficient to light up the eyes of my testers (and nieces) Kayla, 9, and Alisha, 10.


You get a fair whack for your money. The box is full of items with a detailed and well written instruction manual inside. The kids loved the detail on the insects and the miniature toilet.

They set about learning the tricks and seeing if they could befuddle and disgust their relatives.


The tricks they worked on included making sponge bogeys disappear, magically producing a small toilet full of disgusting mess, pulling veins out of their legs, freaking out their mothers with cockroaches and successfully mind-reading / guessing which side of a dice was chosen. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed the adults’ reaction.

This isn’t a kit which can be opened and used immediately. It requires a bit of work and practice to give a satisfactory result. This means that, in the hands of the right child, you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of this box. I can see children getting Gross Magic and wanting to focus and study the tricks, making them work as best as they can.


If you’re looking for a decent gift for someone who is either interested in magic tricks, or who is attracted to things which disgust adults, then this would be an long-lasting and entertaining choice for them.

For stockists and to play games on line, visit www.drumondpark.com.

We have one copy of Gross Magic to give away thanks to the lovely folk at Drumond Park!

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