There must be a name for the condition whereby a child can watch the same movie endlessly without getting bored of it.

LoraxWe all know about this and, if you have young kids, you’ll probably be experiencing it right now.
For us, it used to be Frozen. Every day, they wanted to watch Frozen and be princesses and build a snowman. Thankfully that fixation eventually melted away (see what I did there?) and normality resumed.

The Lorax

Jenny now has a new movie addiction. It is for the 2012 film The Lorax. Every day, all day, she asks if she can have The Lorax on. When it is put on, she sits and studies the film. She’s beyond the stage of singing the songs. She’s now repeating the dialogue, and in accents too.

It’s the story of a town, Thneedville, who are gadget obsessed. One girl longs for a tree, so one boy goes to seek one out. From there, we meet the Once-ler who tells the story of the trees and the mysterious Lorax. It’s clever, funny, colourful and has a big heart.

I know the movie didn’t do too well in the box office, but I think it’s a rather sweet wee film. The characters are likeable, the songs are catchy and it’s got a solid, eco-friendly message. It’s really well done.

The original Lorax book is quite different, written in a style typical of Dr Seuss, who created it. It may be that the difference between the book and the film is what caused people to not like it. I don’t know. If it is the case, that’s a shame because it’s no reason to dislike a perfectly decent movie.

So, if you’ve got a kid addicted to a movie that is driving you nuts, trying weaning them onto The Lorax instead. It will give you some well needed sweet relief from Anna, Elsa and pals.