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It’s not everyday that you get asked to review a letter from Santa. I was slightly nervous. If I gave a bad review, would Santa put me on the naughty list? Was I risking waking up on Christmas Day to an empty stocking? It was a risky assignment.

The service in question is provided by the Lapland Mailroom. They offer personalised letters from Santa to children all over the world. Each letter is personalised to include the child’s name, age, address where Santa/Father Christmas will be visiting on Christmas Eve, mentions the child’s best friend and even highlights the gift the child would most like to receive on Christmas morning.

The website looks fantastic.


The website is very easy to navigate. You can choose different packages including a letter, or letter with activity pack, or a special pack for baby’s first Christmas. Each package has different letters to chose from. This means you could order letters for two different children, and each letter would be different.

The process includes providing details unique to your child – name, desired present, big acheivement of the year etc.


You can also include a certificate for children who have made it to Santa’s good list.


I placed my order and a couple of days later, the elf / reindeer / Royal Mail delivered it to my door.

pack010pack040 pack064

The letters were beautifully presented with great attention to detail. From the “From Santa” envelopes to the crafted paper, it looks amazing.


As well as a personalised letter, we also received a nice child certificate and an activity pack containing a Christmas decoration, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign and some other goodies.

pack080 pack100

The ‘letter only’ service is a reasonable £6.95, and it’s only £1 extra for the extra pack. Full details on the letters are here.

I’d recommend it. Our girls haven’t seen the letters yet, but I’m positive they’re going to love them when they do!

Lapland Mailroom : www.laplandmailroom.com

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