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If you want to print your photos using an online service, there are loads of choices. Snapfish are one such choice, who I’m checking out after being asked to review them.

I’ve used a couple of printing services before (not Snapfish) to print out snaps but I found them slow and the amount of junk mail they sent me afterwards was extremely off-putting. It was a shame that I’d had such poor experiences because I do value printed pictures. Too many of my family pics are stored on Facebook, and not in a family album. It’s not the same, flicking through pictures on Facebook, as sitting with an album when it comes to reminiscing.

snapfishlogoSnapfish doesn’t just do photo printing, although they have a good variety of print options available. They print gifts, calendars, onto canvas, large posters, tablemats – the list goes on.

For this review, I was asked to check out the Snapfish calendar service.

I had an idea for a calendar theme. I wanted every month to have a photo of my two youngest (Jenny & Eve) from that month of the previous year. It was fun going through the last year’s photos to pick out 12 suitable candidates.

With Snapfish, you upload your pictures with the option to keep them in separate folders. Once they’re stored in your Snapfish account, you can use them with any product on the site.

When sorting the photos for the calendar (and some others for other products), I uploaded about 120 photos to the Snapfish website. Not one error, even though they were high resolution images. Everything uploaded quickly and with no hassle.


Snapfish provide dozens of templates for calendar design. Once you’ve chosen one, you get taken to a design page. The calendar is in the centre of the screen and your photos are in a panel to the right. You simply drag the photo onto the month required. That’s it. You can have more than one photo and there are a multitude of options with regard to layout. It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

One feature that made me smile was the option to add photos onto individual days. For example, drag a picture of Santa onto Christmas Day and Dec 25th is now a photo rather than a blank box. Obviously, this can be used for birthdays, which is what I did. A very nice touch.

Once you’re happy with the design, you simply follow the checkout procedure and that’s it.

I finished designing my calendar at about 11pm. I received an email advising me that the calendar had been dispatched the next day. Jaw droppingly quick.


It arrived a couple of days later. An impressive turnaround. The calendar is good quality – the photos look great. The main photos are bright and clear. The smaller photos on the day section look brilliant.

If you’re looking for a personal present with a quick turnaround, I’d recommend Snapfish. I’d certainly use them again.

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