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Beer’n’meat. For some, an ideal Valentine’s Day combo!

This year has flown by. It’s a cliché for sure but that’s because it’s true. Now, it’s that time of year. If you’re really organised then you’ve maybe already put some presents (or competition prizes) away already for Christmas. Maybe you’re one of those odd-balls who buys their presents for this year in last year’s …

Why using competition listings sites isn’t the best way to win comps!

Two different twitter comps with different value prizes. The results are surprising.

A review and giveaway of David Baddiel’s latest book for kids, The Person Controller.

Last month, I entered around 1,750 competitions. That’s much higher than normal for me.

I went a little competition crazy in June. It became all about the numbers – how many competitions could I enter in 30 days? Twitaculous took a hammering. I entered everything going, no matter how small. The Prize Finder too was visited so frequently by me that the text on the page started to smudge. …