Competition Karma

I went a little competition crazy in June. It became all about the numbers – how many competitions could I enter in 30 days?

Twitaculous took a hammering. I entered everything going, no matter how small. The Prize Finder too was visited so frequently by me that the text on the page started to smudge.

The end result was that, in June, I entered a total of 1,851 competitions. That’s horrendous.

On reflection, it was a fixation. A mini-obsession. I didn’t give a damn what the competition was for. It was more important to just enter it.

June ended, and that was that. July began as a normal month, comp-wise, with an exception. I won prizes.

Bobble Head

I won more prizes in the first week of July than I did in the first four months of the year. A 32” television, a hamper, a £25 voucher for a clothes shop, a House of Cards blu-ray and finally, a prize that was sent by the GOD OF COMPETITIONS to mock me.

This prize took the form of a bobble headed tennis player statuette. Its over-sized cranium wobbles randomly, grinning like a maniacal loon. My wife rightly asked me what the hell I was thinking when I chose to enter a competition to win this buffoon.

It looked at me. It spoke to me. “Look, you idiot. Look what you did”, it said. “I am the result of your actions. I am the embodiment of your temporary philosophy that entering a massive amount of competitions is a good idea. My head bobbling existence is something you deserve to be subjected to. Your figure of 1,851 competitions is clownish.”


He was right. I was a clown. Some of the Twitaculous competitions were for no more than a chocolate bar or a small amount of make-up. I don’t wear make up. I’d be disappointed, too, if I got a competition win and it was essentially just for a small bar of chocolate. I’d feel like my competition winning karma had been diluted. Had the universe given me a small win when a bigger win would have been on the cards? If I hadn’t entered the bobble head draw, then perhaps the next win would have been a far larger one? My head was bobbling too.

July has been very different. I have been far, far more relaxed and selective about the competitions I enter. I only enter competitions where I really want the prize. Really. I’ve also been focussing more on creative competitions.

The result – I’ve been enjoying competitions much, much more. There’s now no risk of being sent any more ridiculous prizes. If I want a chocolate bar, I’ll go to the shop and buy one.

And the bobble head? I’ll keep it. It’ll be a nice reminder of the power of competition karma.

Question – what’s the worst prize you’ve ever won?

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  1. Heather Weir
    3 February 2016

    I got a really horrible necklace that I couldn’t remember entering for.

    Was a bit carried away as well – trying to be more selective now although I’ve got 121 google searches. lol

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