Who’d run a competition?

A couple of weeks ago, I put a couple of competitions online. The idea was to get an idea of what it’s like to run a comp while gaining a couple of extra Facebook likes. It worked on both counts.

What I learned about running a competition is this : I’m not very good at it. Having said that, I’m maybe slightly better than some people are at entering competitions.

The first competition was for a dvd. The instructions were straightforward. I wrote a post detailing the competition and asked people to do two things.

  1. Write in the comments below the article the words “I’m Looking for the Postman”.
  2. Like the Looking for the Postman Facebook page.

I thought this was straightforward. Within the hour of publishing the competition, however, things began to go awry. The phrase “I’m Looking for the Postman” began appearing all over the Facebook wall. No! Not there. Below the article. On this site. That’s where…

Then someone commented on the Facebook post with the word ‘Like’. This cracked me up. Some poor guy sees that everyone on Facebook ‘likes’ things, but can’t figure out how to do it. Instead, he just types the world ‘like’. He was my favourite.

So, the closing date for the first competition arrived. I used a random number generator to select a winner. I then checked that winner against the people on my Facebook page. They hadn’t liked the page. I checked and double checked. I checked the emails I get whenever someone likes a page. I couldn’t spot the like. I had no choice. Given that I couldn’t confirm it, I had to choose another winner. At the second attempt, I got someone who had liked the page, and Bridgette Birkett became the first ever winner of a Looking for the Postman competition. Well done! Congrats also to Naomi Sarah Buchan who won the cafetiere competition.

I have some more comp related stats coming up for those who like that sort of thing. You’ll remember that, at the start of the year, I created a brand new email address just for competitions in 2014. The purpose of this is to demonstrate just how badly your inbox can be overloaded by entering online comps.

In May alone, I received 2105 emails. That’s insane. Just under 68 emails a day. I entered 1285 competitions in May and only got three wins. (I say only – it’s the most I’ve won in a month for a long time). I’m therefore receiving just under two emails for every competition I enter. Can you imagine if that was my normal email address? It wouldn’t be able to function. Too much would go astray.

I’m disillusioned a little with competitions. I’m noticing far fewer wins that last year. Is this someone that only I am noticing? Have you noted fewer wins in 2014? Let me know. It reassures me that I’m not talking to myself. 😉

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