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You ought to know by now that I find competition related stats interesting. Unsurprisingly then, here’s another number heavy post.

This is a lite overview of what the stats are showing me for competitions so far this year.

Competitions Available v Competitions Entered


I recently read about someone that said they were entering 300 competitions a day. I don’t see how that rate is sustainable. In May, The Prize Finder listed just over 4,000 competitions. That works out at 136ish a day. Even if you were entering every single competition, you’re still well below half of the 300 a day target.

The graph above shows the number of competitions listed on TPF (red) compared to the number of competitions I entered (blue). On average, I’m entering 27% of the competitions being run. In other words, around 34 per day. Is that too choosy?


This is a small screenshot of the Google Docs spreadsheet I use to collect comping stats. Look at those zeros in the Win columns. Tough going…

The fifth column is a record of the amount of emails generated by entering competitions. Look at this:


I created a brand new email address for competitions this year. In April, that address received a total of 1,751 emails! This is a warning to be aware of the effect that comping has on your inbox. You would be well advised not to use an important email address for this hobby.

Bottom line for 2014 at the moment is this:

Total competitions entered : 4828

Total wins : 5

I’m losing approx 99.998% of competitions that I am entering.

News and stuff

  • Find some good, Postman-recommended competitions finishing soon here.
  • That’s my three month stint complete for Compers News. It was fun.
  • The website has had a bit of a nip and tuck.
  • If you want to keep a track of your wins, we have a Win Tracker. Register for free and you’ll get your own!
  • Facebook page is : here : Twitter page is : here

That’s your numbers for now. The next post will be more nonsensical, I promise.

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