Deathtrap Dryers & Broken Promises

We haven’t had much luck with dryers. In our rented property, the tumble dryer periodically gave out large electrical BANGS so we bought our own Candy dryer.

Last year, after just four years, the Candy dryer gave us a fright when this happened to the plug.


After fixing the plug problem, it worked for a bit then just gave up the ghost. In November of last year, we took the Candy dryer to the tip and bought a new Indesit tumble dryer from It arrived on 9 November 2015.


IndesitLess than two weeks after getting this new dryer, it was all over the news that Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda clothes dryers needed repairs because of a fear about starting fires. On 24 November 2015, Emma checked out our dryer on the Indesit website and they confirmed that our dryer was affected. It was barely out of it’s packaging!

Indesit emailed Emma on 24 November 2015, stating that “we will be contacting you within the next 5 weeks”. That was the last that we heard from them.

The BBC reported that “Indesit said that excess fluff could catch the heating element in the machine and cause a fire”. Last month, they also reported about “Family homeless after Indesit tumble dryer causes fire” with some terrifying photos. It’s therefore extremely worrying that the wait – previously detailed as five weeks – is now being reported as really taking 11 months.

The general warning from Indesit is “don’t leave the dryer unattended”. There’s six of us in the house. We have four kids, including two young girls who aren’t at school yet & are in the house during the day. We bought a dryer because the washing is in constant overload. It’s not practical to have to sit in the same room as the dryer whenever we want to use it. Emma’s scared to use it at all, understandably.

Indesit have failed on all fronts. This brand new dryer is seemingly a potential fire hazard and Indesit are not acting in a way that is satisfactory when it comes to contacting their customers to let them know what’s going on. Five weeks is what we were told, and that was four months ago.

Given that the dryer we bought was less than two weeks old, they should have offered to replace it with a new model unaffected by this danger. As it is, we’re stuck with this worrying best until they can be bothered to let us know what’s happening.


Since this post went online, got in touch with Indesit. They checked to see if there were any engineers close by who could perform the dryer fix. There was. We’re getting the dryer sorted next Thursday! Thanks for all the wonderful people who tweeted to highlight the post and to AO for being so awesome.


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