Fate is a wind up merchant

Here’s a tip for new compers. Stock up on lots of water because, sooner or later, you’re going to have a drought. There’s a drought at Casa del Postman at the moment. I’ve not had a win in 2 months and 4 weeks. In competition circles,that’s years.


It’s bad enough not having a win but what makes it worse – what really rubs it in – is when you get a false alarm of a win. You’re already suffering, doubting the point of entering so many futile draws, then you get a further kick in the teeth from some devious source. Let me elaborate.


An email arrived the other day that I believed to be a WEM. It was addressed to me and the email preview said “We want to say congratulations…”. I excitedly opened the email to read the rest of the sentence “to our presenter who had a baby this morning”. I believe that the author of that email knew exactly what they were doing. Devilish charlatan.


Shortly after that, I received a Facebook notification advising that I had been tagged in a post on “The Winners Circle”. Wahey, thinks I. It’s been a long time coming. The name, however, wasn’t mine. Well, the surname was, but the rest of it was someone else. Damn you, flawed Facebook tagging algorhythm. You’re on my list.


Even as I started to type this, I got a text from Mrs Postman telling me that a huge parcel was delivered from DPD. It had crossed her mind that it was a big win, but it turns out its for the neighbours.


This isn’t new, though. Last year I received a notification of a win on Twitter which was shortly followed by a retraction as they’d over estimated the amount of prizes that they had.


A couple of weeks ago I asked for assistance in an experiment and many of you complied. I asked for people to type “WIN, POSTMAN”. Despite a lot of positive vibes coming my way – nothing.


Fate, it seems, is not just content with steering wins away from me. It also wants to pepper my barren spell with moments of short lived elation followed by the realisation that I’m still a loser. That’s just perverse.


It seems that Fate wants a sacrifice. I don’t have any cash to give and I’m too squeamish to kill a goat. I’ll have to find another way.


I received a message through the Looking for the Postman Facebook page the other day from a fellow comper. She offered to suggest a few ways in which I may increase my chances of winning.


I think this is a great idea. In fact, I’d like to here ideas from all of you. If you have one minute, and any suggestion as to how I could increase my chances of getting a prize, could you please send it to me here. I will make a compilation of the suggestions and post them here. Ta!

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