In for a penny…

I’ve often written about how good I imagine it would be to win a voucher for a shop. There’s loads of competitions offering a prize of a few hundred pounds to spend somewhere. That would be great fun – filling up the basket without worrying about your bank balance. A proper treat, plus your final prize is stuff you’ve chosen yourself. Brilliant.

I was entering some competitions last week and noticed that there was quite a few of them. One of them, though, was for Poundshop. I entered it, then immediately regretted it. I turned to Mrs Postman and told her. Imagine winning £50 of things from the Poundshop, moaned I. £50 of rubbish!

So, as ironic as life is, I received a tweet this week to say I’d won the competition. How I wish that I’d moaned about a different competition, thought I.

The vouchers arrived, and I took a trip to the local Poundshop on Thursday morning. I was very, very wrong about this prize. It was tremendous fun, walking round the shop filling my grannytrolley. I got things for the garden, iPad / tablet stands, sweets, domestic things (very practical) and so on. It was a great experience, with the staff congratulating me on my win. Four bags full of goodies better off, I went home and showed off my haul.

Poundshop, thank you. My initial reaction was incorrect. I salute you!

It was only my second win of the year. February was no better than January for wins and with a marked increase in emails. You may remember I set up a new email address just for competitions in 2014. Here, then, are the stats from February:

Competitions entered in Feb : 826

An average of 29.5 competitions a day.

Wins in February : 0

Number of emails received : 842

The prize drought is now over. I went a total of 95 days without a win, then won a kid’s ice cream maker in early March. The Poundshop vouchers take that up to 2 wins in 2014. Not very good at all. Total competitions entered to date in 2014 is 2403! Not good odds at all.

In the last LftP post I requested advice from you on how to win competitions. I received some great replies, which I’ll throw together in one uber post, but I’m still open to more contributions!

Finally, a bit of news. Looking for the Postman now has a column in Compers News! First one is in the April issue. Buy it. It’s awesome 😀

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