Dad Belly Diet Update. Attempt 2 : FAILED!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get fit / lose my dad belly. It’s something I’ve tried in the past to do, failed and then written about.

My plan was simple. Cut out the crap food, take less carbs, exercise on my exercise bike like a demon. I failed with such speed that I’m actually impressed at my ineptitude. Here are my excuses:

I had a cold.

This is true. It was horrible as my twitter followers can confirm. I was pitiful and certainly in no fit state to haul my sorry behind onto a bike. Also, as everyone knows, a cold brings with it a desire for comfort food. I succumbed.

There was still too much good food in the house from Christmas.

healthres-01There were Toblerones, home-made Christmas cake, chocolates, shortbread, selection boxes, etc etc. Some of it was even mine! It wasn’t just that it was really tempting. A lot of it was given as a Christmas present. It would have been just plain rude not to eat it.

I hurt my back.

This didn’t happen until 16th January so it’s pitiful to cite this.

I had problems with my stomach.

healthres-02This one is true! I’ve had digestion issues for a while and have actually just been given different medication and another set of tests to try and get to the bottom of the problem. Acid reflux and bloating combo is a bitch and certainly doesn’t put you in the mood for breaking a sweat.

On a technicality, there’s nothing to suggest that a New Year’s resolution has to start on January 1st. I still intend to do the above. I will start in a week or so, once the stomach settles down. The new medication I’m on will be accompanied by a zero-alcohol 4 week spell. Surely even I can shift a few pounds once the beer is out of the equation?

Wish me luck.

How are your resolutions proceeding?

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