I have made a few posts with video in before, but I’ve never actually vlogged.

Is it an embarrassment thing?  I’m not sure. I used to have a radio show that broadcast live across the whole of Central Scotland, so I’ve got experience in speaking to the masses. I’ve been on TV several times, including being on-camera for a show I worked on for MTV.

If you’ve read some of my health posts, then you’ll see that I’m not reluctant to share, so it can’t be that.

I have a decent video camera on my phone, so I can technically do it. I have the camera, mic, software and knowledge.

The blog definitely has its own voice and take on things. ie Mine. I don’t think I’ll get tongue tied in front of a camera or run out of things to talk about.


Is it too late to introduce another New Year’s resolution? I say no.

I’m going to set myself a deadline of the end of February to do my first vlog. That’ll give me time to get a long needed haircut and get some sleep so my face doesn’t look like a microwaved prune.

So here it is. I will commence with the Vlogging. In that spirit, please feel free to share any Vlogging hints or requests below!