I’ve not had much luck with Twitter competitions, probably because they’re so easy to enter. Recently, I was pounding through RT / Follow competitions, entering dozens of competitions a day. No wins though.

The downside of these comps, though, is that it’s not that much fun to follow someone who’s RTing loads of things. I noticed that Looking for the Postman’s twitter account, PostmanSpotting, was getting lots of followers, but losing a lot too. Clearly, this isn’t good for the blog. It is chiefly meant to be a Twitter account for the blog after all.

With this in mind, I’m keeping PostmanSpotting purely for the blog. I’ve got a new account which is solely for competitions and giveaways – @gjr2014. One account for comps (not multiple).

So – if you want competition related nonsense and blog patter, follow PostmanSpotting.

If you want RT and Follow comps on your timeline, also follow @gjr2014.

See you on Twitter!