The Time My Kids Became Rookie Rockstars

My daughters’ school recently had a visit from Rookie Rockstars, a Scottish charity who raise awareness on mental health issues with young people.

Being Rookie Rockstars, they do this through the medium of ROCK!

In the week that they were in the school, kids could opt in to take part in a concert at the end of the week. In five hours throughout the week, they learned five tunes, which they sang at the concert.

Rookie Rockstars

The songs were accompanied with dance moves, rock star poses and head-banging. In between the songs, Dave from Rookie Rockstars told the audience about the charity, interviewed some of the kids in a hilarious interlude, and ended up with four rapping grannies on stage from the audience.

Each of the songs addressed different issues, like bullying, self-esteem, being kind etc. The serious aspect of this was the drive to assist those who may have confidence issues, and to make children aware of issues associated with mental health.

There was also a wonderful montage of rock v pop songs, containing songs from, amongst others, Queen and Katy Perry. Very entertaining!

It’s a worthy cause. Both the ticket money, and the money raised from selling cds of the singing, and Rookie Rockstars merchandise, went towards the school and the charity.

A cause well worth supporting. You can find more information about Rookie Rockstars here.

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