You may have already read the article ‘Sick Playcentre Boss Rips Off Cancer Hit Family‘. It was shocking that the two playcentre managers, Neil and Catrine Halls, had dishonestly taken money from Raymond and Rosemary Szuster then edged them out the business, ran up debts and left the Szusters with the loss of their house to deal with plus tens of thousands in debt. In the meantime, the Halls switched the company assets (a playframe which Raymond bought) out of the company to Neil Halls. It’s now being used by a new company, owned by Catrine’s mum!

It seems that there are more shocks to come. In the period leading up to liquidation (when it must have been clear to even the most incompetent manager that things weren’t going so well), the Halls used £500 of the company’s money to fund a trip to London. What did they do in London that was so vital to the business? They went to see Kenny G, variously described as “some new age weasel” and “a disgrace to jazz”. (It’s not that surprising the Halls were attracted to someone described as a weasel and a disgrace).


In addition to this, they paid for a BUPA subscription for themselves of £2000 a year. All this while Rosemary Szuster was receiving horrendous chemotherapy treatment for cancer on the NHS. Sickeningly, Rosemary has now been left with Neil and Catrine’s BUPA bill.

There’s even more. The bank accounts for iPlay in it’s final few active months show hundreds and thousands disappearing out of the account and into the accounts of the Hall’s family. Ray and Rosemary have seen nothing to detail why the Hall’s parents and other family members were getting this cash. What is clear, however, is that substantial amounts of money were going from the business prior to it’s liquidation.

Ray’s worked his whole life to save up the money he used in iPlay. He’s a thoroughly decent fella who just wanted to help out his family. Instead, he’s lost it all, not because of a bad investment or a failing business, but because of the dishonesty and greed of so-called family members.

Here’s Ray’s latest post on the issue.

Just to update everyone who has been following my campaign against phoenix companies. Thanks to you all for your continued support. All my posts are now being brought together on a designated Facebook page.…

As you know, my wife and I have been the victims of a phoenix company being formed from Iplay in Clydebank which is now in liquidation although continuing to trade under a new phoenix company called Hopeman Ltd.

In March 2014, Hopeman Ltd was setup in the name of Catrine Halls’ mother, Anna Allan, and in April 2014 began to trade in Iplay’s premises using all iPlay’s assets which had been transferred to Neil Halls’ personal ownership in December 2013. No money was paid for these assets.

By April 2014, iPlay had an overdraft of £25,000 and was often unable to pay bills as this would have exceeded the overdraft limit. However, Neil and Catrine Halls continued to use the company account to pay for their Gym membership (£650/year) and their BUPA subscription (£2000/year).
They also went on trip in April 2014 to a Kenny G concert in London. Their hotel and restaurant bills were over £500 and were charged to Iplay’s overdrawn account.

Does this behaviour suggest that the Halls (directors of iPlay) were worried about the financial problems of iPlay?

No – because they knew that their mother’s phoenix company was about to take over and all debts would be wiped out or transferred to my wife and myself.

My wife (Catrine’s aunt) was undergoing radiotherapy for cancer at this time and was being treated by the NHS – no BUPA for her.

In August 2014, my wife and I received demands for £51,000 of iPlay debts. This debt is still outstanding and our house is now under threat from the bank.

This is how the iniquity of phoenix companies run by unscrupulous directors affects ordinary decent people.

If you believe that Phoenix Companies being allowed to dump debt and continue as if nothing happened shouldn’t be allowed, please read / like this page to show your support.