What I’ve Been Up To

It’s been over two months since my last blog post.

The reason for that is a little complex. I think I’d lost interest and direction, which happens to bloggers. I’d also refound my absolute and overwhelming love for writing music.

I used to write music for a living, and then I drifted away from it. Then, a couple of months back, I found it again like a lightening bolt! The result of this little story is that tunes are pouring out of me. I’ll have an album ready very soon.

I did a throwaway piece of music called “Unfit to Hold the Office of President”. It was useful for me because I needed to relearn a lot of the software. This exercise helped me reacquire some lost skills. Enjoy!

So, now I’m back. Ready to re-engage, and balance the blog with the composing. I’m currently writing the soundtrack to a short movie, while lining up lots of blog posts. It’s nice to be busy!

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